Be a thinker.


CEO Takamasa Suzuki

Think of ways you can do it, not why you can't.

Each of our products is made according to the customer's request. It's always a series of new challenges. Therefore, we need to have a strong belief that we can do it and have the ability to think about how we can do it. Those who can create things have two things in common: whether they can accept what they are told and whether they are willing to go through it. If you take responsibility for your work, the people around you will naturally appreciate your sincere attitude. We will create an environment where we can devote ourselves to manufacturing with peace of mind, and develop human resources who can connect with each other.

CEO Takamasa Suzuki

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About Company

Company Name SEIKYO.Co.,Ltd
Headquarter 3-5-5 Omika-cho Hitachi-city,Ibaraki Japan 3191221
TEL / FAX TEL: FAX: +81(294)52-0676
Branch 【Ota Factory】
519-1 Ome-cho Hitachiota-city,Ibaraki Japan 3130033
TEL:+81(294)33-6215 FAX:+81(294)33-6216
【Design Center】
1-3-12 Omika-cho Hitachi-city,Ibaraki Japan 3191221
TEL:+81(294)33-7301 FAX:+81(294)33-7302
CEO Takamasa Suzuki
Capital stock 20 Million JPY
Business content
  • Overhead crane design / manufacturing / installation / maintenance / inspection / maintenance
  • General electrical equipment construction / design / construction
  • Air conditioning equipment construction / design / construction
  • Private generator manufacturing / maintenance / inspection / maintenance
  • High-voltage power receiving equipment design / manufacturing / inspection / inspection / maintenance
  • Emergency private power generator manufacturing / inspection / inspection / maintenance
  • New product development / design / manufacturing / sales / sales
  • Temporary staffing business (sect 08-300794)
  • Collection and transportation of industrial waste (general)
  • Character goods sales and sales
  • Overseas product import / export brokerage / consignment purchasing
Employee: 33 People
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