Construction and management of electric air conditioning equipment

Construction and management of electric ...
Full-time employee

Construction and management of electric ...

Job Description

We perform electrical equipment work and air conditioner installation work in factories and offices. We also perform equipment wiring for generators and on-site maintenance.
[Trunk cable construction] A trunk cable for sending electricity to factories and offices is buried underground or laid via utility poles.
[Air-conditioning equipment construction] We will install, update, and repair air conditioners in factories and offices, and fill and collect refrigerant gas.
[Lighting / outlet construction] We will install and wire the lighting / outlets used in each room / factory from the distribution board.
[Power supply work] We will lay cables to send electricity to the machinery and equipment used in the factory.
[Generator equipment wiring] This is the construction to wire the electrical equipment used for the gas engine generator to the package generator.

Want to do

It can be said that electricity and air conditioning equipment are indispensable and lifelines for our main sites, factories and offices. After all the work is done, when I see the electricity turn on safely and the air conditioner works without any problems, I feel a sense of accomplishment that the hard work has paid off. Many people say, “ It was really helpful to have electricity here ”, which is also rewarding. In addition, the equipment wiring of gas engine generators that we have worked on is delivered all over Japan, which helps to cut the peak of our customers. I feel happy and rewarding in this sense of scale. The more you polish the skills of the contractor, the more you will be equipped with your own ability. Why don't you acquire the technology of lifelong things here?

Application Requirements

Position Construction and management of electric ...
Employment status Full-time employee
Salary Monthly salary 180,000 yen ~ (depending on experience and skills)
Work Time 8: 40-17: 25 (break 45 minutes)
Holiday and Vacation Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (according to the company calendar)
Work Place Ibaraki prefecture3-5-5 Omikacho, Hitachi City
Qualification and License Electrician (1st and 2nd class)
Electrical work construction management engineer (1st and 2nd grade)
Pipe construction management engineer (1st and 2nd grade)
Operation of CAD software (AutoCAD / JW-CAD)
Other related skill training / special education
For foreigners, Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 (N3) or higher
Treatment Full social insurance, retirement allowance system

About us


One-stop service ispossible with construction and manufacturing.

We are a company that designs and manufactures electrical wiring work for factories and offices, air conditioning equipment, overhead crane maintenance, switchboards and control systems. Headquartered in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, we have an Ota factory, a design center, and an American branch office. At the time of its founding, it was a business only for electrical work, but along with customer needs and changes in the times, we have also been involved in the work of air conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, overhead cranes, etc. In addition to the construction business, we also design and manufacture switchboards and control panels to provide one-stop services to our customers. Utilizing the technology and experience cultivated over many years, we will continue to devote ourselves as a customer partner while staying close to our customers.


It is important to challenge everything.

If you work seriously, honestly, and responsibly, it doesn't matter if you have different nationalities or experience / knowledge. No one can be perfect from the beginning. Even if you haven't done it before, it's important to try it first. By taking on challenges, you can improve your own skills, and if you can't, you should think of ways you can do it. If you make a mistake, apologize honestly, and the senior employees around you will firmly support you so that you can think positively about the future, so please feel free to jump in.